South America – Brazil

There aren’t as many countries in South America as there are in Asia, so our South America overview didn’t take very long. Again, each student was assigned a few countries to research, then we shared one or two interesting facts about each country with one another. As we share our country facts, we use the map quizzes on Mapas Interactivos to point out where each country is located.

After our overview, we focused in on the continent’s largest country: Brazil. We started off by watching Brazil: Revealed from the Discover Atlas series. The movie gave us a great idea of what it’s like to live in Brazil for a few different people. Then we tried our hand at a few aspects of Brazilian culture:

  • Capoeira – A Brazilian martial art that looks like a dance, developed mainly by African slaves in Brazil. We searched YouTube to help us learn a few basic moves.

  • Portuguese – Portuguese in the main language spoken in Brazil. We used YouTube again to help us learn a few basic Portuguese phrases, then practiced what we learned on Busuu and EasyPortuguese.
  • Food! – I made this Pao de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) and brought it in to try. Then together we made these two recipes from Global Table Adventure (a family who is cooking their way through every country in the world!):
  • Samba – Samba is a type of music created in Brazil. We imported some basic samba drum loops into Garageband, then tried to create our own samba songs. It was harder than it seemed at first! Here’s what we came up with:

Next, it’s on to Africa!

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